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About The Researcher

The Researcher is a publication which serves as a voice for MARA members who want to write about their research and interests in anomalous phenomena. We will also print letters from readers and include articles and advertisements belonging to those people who are not a part of MARA but who would like to contribute their research to this publication. It will not involve payment for the article but it will mean that your article will be read by a larger number of people involved with UFOs and the paranormal. See Below.

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Current Issue of The Researcher


3 The Voice-Editorial by Mark Rosney

4 Alien Abduction Phenomena and Sleep Disorders by Dave Sadler

7 The Humphrey Experiment - The Story So Far by Fiona Campbell

15 Martin Mere Lake Monster by John Hall

18 Who is the Phantom Monk of Chingle Hall

28 Haunted Roads On The Isle Of Man-part 7 by John Hall

33 The Lottery, a White Rabbit and a Raft of Black Dogs by Colin Veacock

36 MARA News, association round up by Bill Bimson

37 Kirlian Photography: Normal or Paranormal? Simone J. Davies

39 Perhaps the Work of Fairies by Blair Wilkins

43 Psi-Man by Colin Veacock

44 An Urban Myth- The Dark Side of the Wizard.

48 About MARA


Back Issues of The Researcher

Back issues of The Researcher are available to non-members at £3 per issue including UK postage subject to availability. Cheques should be made payable to MARA and should be drawn on a UK bank. If you would like to purchase a copy of The Researcher contact John Hall j.l.hall@livjm.ac.uk stating which issue you are interested in (see below). The latest issue came out in June 2004.




                Issue 11 of The Researcher

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