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Meet some MARA members

This page is designed to let you meet some MARA members over the internet.  Feel free to e-mail them if your interests match theirs and there is a topic you would like to discuss with them. 

Mark Rosney

Interests:  UFOlogy, collation of paranormal data, Identified Flying Objects (IFOs), astronomy, new scientific and technological developments, Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), sound analysis and digital image analysis.




Picture of Mark Rosney

Bill Bimson

Interests:  Flying triangles, new developments in military aircraft and weaponry, new developments in astronomy/space travel, relativity/gravity control, novel propulsion systems, paranormal instrumentation/measurement.




John Hall

Interests:  Earth lights, Ancient structures, cryptozoology, Fortean studies, fairy lore, space flight, UFO/paranormal crossover themes and photography.




Elaine Hannah

Interests:  Psychic phenomena, hauntings, earth mysteries, folklore, myths, legends and UFOlogy.




Mike Jaega


Interests:  Hauntings, poltergeists, remote viewing and urban myths


Picture of Mike Jaega

Robert Bethell


Interests:  UFOlogy, hauntings and other psychic phenomena including remote viewing

Picture of Robert Bethell

Eileen Shaw

Interests:  Clairvoyance, healing, all psychic phenomena, UFOlogy.





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