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Listen to MARA and Parascience on The Roger Lyon Show, Radio Merseyside 95.8 FM every Wednesday between 6:10pm and 7:00pm.  Dates of shows are as follows.    24th September (MARA), 1st October (Parascience), 8th October (MARA), 15th October (Parascience).

Northwest Tonight and Inside Out  BBC1 TV 

MARA appeared on two BBC TV programmes Northwest Tonight and "Inside Out" on the 1st September 2003.  The programmes covered UFO investigation in the Merseyside area.  Pictures of the BBC filming MARA at the Halton Show 19th July 2003 are shown below.  In the picture on the left, MARA member Mark Rosney is interviewed by the BBC and the picture on the right shows the Lord Mayor of Halton discussing UFOs over Halton at the MARA stand.  MARA thank Halton Libraries for allowing MARA to share their tent at the Halton Show on the 19th July 2003.

MARA being interviewed by the BBC  Lord Mayor of Halton at the MARA stand being filmed by the BBC


Snapshots from the BBC1 TV programme Inside Out 1st September 2003

Dave Sadler spots a pie shop  Tony Eccles shows his big moon

Dave Sadler discusses a Flying Saucer case                    Tony Eccles Interviewed at Liverpool Planetarium

Bill Bimson sadly carries his binocoulars everywhere he goes  Fiona Campbell records UFOs with the camcorder which sprung out of the top of her head

Bill Bimson discusses the Halewood LITS case                            MARA members prepare for a skywatch


To listen to a webcast about the paranormal and UFOs with MARA members Bill Bimson and Lorraine White in conjunction with Film Art and Creative Technology (FACT), click on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser, (Real player required).


Webcast at FACT

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