Merseyside Anomalies Research Association

About MARA


MARA is an association dedicated to investigating and discovering the scientific truth behind unexplained anomalous phenomena and paranormal activity.

Anomalous phenomena are those reported events for which there is no widely accepted scientific explanation. The subject area breaks down broadly into four categories:

1    Physical phenomena (e.g. telepathy, ghosts, premonitions)

2    Earth mysteries ( e.g. alignments of ancient monuments, earth lights etc.)

3    UFOs

4    Forteana (odd occurrences like falls of fish, strange animals.)

MARA is based in and around Merseyside, England and members are trained to investigate all reported cases in a disciplined, responsible and sympathetic way.  Monthly meetings take place at a Liverpool city centre location.

All investigators work under a strict 'Code of Practice'.
All witnesses are treated with the greatest respect and can be assured that all investigations and interviews will take place in confidence.

MARA was founded in February 1996. It is a non-profit making organisation whose aims are to encourage, promote and conduct unbiased objective investigation and research into UFO/paranormal phenomena. It aims to collect and disseminate evidence and data relating to anomalous phenomena. The association will  co-operate with persons and organisations engaged in similar research in all parts of the country. MARA also provides support for University undergraduate research.

MARA consists of an informal group of people of all backgrounds and a variety of ages over 18. The group limits itself to a relatively small number of people, composed of individuals with mixed backgrounds who want to actively investigate and research UFO/paranormal phenomena. The primary objective of the group is to be active in investigating and researching such phenomena within Merseyside. Investigation by members has to be done at their own expense (something other associations fail to mention). Association members are open minded and objective in their approach and investigative training is given.  Membership application to MARA is free and space permitting, is open to any interested individuals. If you would like to apply to become a member of MARA, click here

The Association is jointly run by its group organisers called co-ordinators. They are amateur investigators and researchers in their spare time, and members of well-known national organisations. They are responsible for any major decisions involving the group in addition to the association’s membership, activities, functions and research.

It is a policy of MARA not to have any fixed beliefs and to remain apolitical. MARA is not responsible for the opinions expressed, or implied, by guest speakers, items within The Researcher, or by any arbitrary views of the Association’s members. MARA is affiliated to the Unknown Phenomenon Investigational Association, British UFO Research Association, Northern Anomalies Research Organisation, The Northern UFO Network, the Incorporated Society for Psychical Research, Association for Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena, Omar Fowler and the Phenomenon Research Association, The UFO Investigators Network, UFOlogy in the UK and we collaborate with SOBEPS, the premier Belgian UFO society.

Group Co-ordinators

Mark Rosney  Mike Jaega  Peter Tiernan   Bill Bimson

Address: 73 Eaton Gardens, West Derby, Liverpool, L12 3HN.

No personal visits please!

e-mail address: billbimson1@yahoo.co.uk and mark_rosney@hotmail.com